How to use an eSIM for 2023 winter travel


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

How to use an eSIM for 2023 winter travel

If you have 2023 winter travel plans, we salute you for making the awesome decision to kick off the new year with a totally spectacular vacation. You’ve earned it!

What’s on the agenda? Ski trip? Luxury cruise? Shopping trip? We bet many of you are planning to visit sunny destinations where you can stretch out on a white-sand beach, close your eyes, and listen to the gentle lull of ocean waves. Ahhh, can’t you practically feel that icy-cold drink in your hands?

Whether you’re chasing the sun or the slopes, eSIM will be a game-changer for any 2023 winter travel.

1. Use your phone internationally, with no roaming charges

2. Have a prepaid internet connection in 120+ countries (without Wi-Fi)

3. Keep your regular phone number available for calling/texting

Okay, but what’s an eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM card. It takes seconds to install an eSIM on any compatible phone or tablet, and then you can connect to international networks while you explore the world and all it has to offer  … all while still keeping your regular SIM card active (and keeping full access to your regular phone number).

Can my phone use eSIM?

Most newer phones are already designed to use eSIM, so check the list of phones that support eSIM to make sure yours is included.

How much does eSIM cost?

Here at aloSIM, you’ll get a free lifetime eSIM with the purchase of any travel data package. So let’s say you buy $5 worth of data that’s going to last you a week. That data package comes with the eSIM (digital SIM card) needed to connect to local networks and use up that sweet, sweet data.

eSIM data packages start around $4.50 USD for a week’s worth of data, depending on the country or region. Some countries or regions are most expensive, simply because data costs are higher in certain parts of the world.

All aloSIM data packages are fully prepaid, keeping you in control of your costs. If you pay $5 for a week of data, and run out before the week is over, you won’t be charged for anything else. No surprise fees, and no automatic renewals. It’s your choice if you’d like to top up your eSIM with a bit more data to last the rest of your trip.

Is an eSIM cheaper than a carrier travel plan?

Most carrier travel data plans will charge you a high daily rate to use your phone on vacation, and that rate doesn’t change whether you use tons of data or barely any at all. (That doesn’t sit right with us.) We believe people should have the freedom to pre-pay for the data they want — nothing more, nothing less — instead of being locked into expensive daily plans.

How do I use an eSIM on vacation?

Getting started with eSIM is easy, even if you’ve never used an eSIM before.

1. Shop for an eSIM data package.

Use the free aloSIM app or store to choose the country/region where you need data, how much data you need, and how long you want the data to last.

2. Install the eSIM on your device.

We’ll provide a few different installation options, and you can choose the one you’d like to try. It takes less than two minutes to install an eSIM (digital SIM card) on a compatible phone or tablet.

3. Activate your data package.

When you’ve arrived at your 2023 winter travel destination and you’re ready to start using your eSIM data, you’ll follow our instructions to activate your data package and start the data flowing.

4. Double-check your eSIM settings.

We’ll guide you through checking a couple of settings on your device, just to make sure it’s relying on your eSIM exclusively for data and that you won’t accidentally incur carrier roaming charges on your plan back home.

5. Enjoy prepaid international data, worry-free!

While you’re on vacation, your eSIM data will provide a steady local internet connection for anything you need — apps, maps, messaging, streaming, etc. You can even use your eSIM data to power your regular phone number for calling and texting. Check your eSIM data balance anytime to see how much is remaining on your data package, and top up your eSIM with more data if you need it.

What happens after vacation?

Well, you’ll arrive back home with a mountain of dirty laundry, you’ll probably procrastinate unpacking for a while (because unpacking is the absolute worst), and you’ll switch your phone back to your regular data plan. Your lifetime eSIM will still remain on your phone, even after your data package expires, and you can top up your eSIM with more data on your next vacation.

How do I get started with eSIM?

Curious about using eSIM for your 2023 winter travel adventures? Start by poking around in the free aloSIM app or online store to see which data packages are available for your destination. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Support team and they’ll be happy to chat with you.