Travel with a prepaid Canada SIM card


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

Prepaid Canada SIM card
If you’re planning a vacation to Canada, you’re going to want a prepaid Canada SIM card so you can have steady, low-cost data during your trip. (All the better to locate the coolest spots and yummiest local cuisine, and share photos of your adventures with everyone back home.)

Whether you’re coming to Canada for summer holidays, a visit with family or friends, a convention, a special event, or because you’re really keen to try a classic poutine (mmmm!) you’ll want to make sure you stay connected without expensive data roaming charges.

Here at aloSIM, we sell prepaid eSIM data packages. Each data package comes with an eSIM (digital SIM card) for that country or region, and you use the card to connect to supported local networks (just as if you were a local citizen with a local phone plan).

Five reasons to use a prepaid Canada SIM card on vacation:

1. You won’t pay data roaming charges.

We’ll walk you through exactly how to tell your phone (or tablet) how to use aloSIM for all data, so your regular data plan from back home isn’t touched (and your carrier back home can’t charge you data roaming fees).

2. You don’t need to find Wi-Fi networks.

Sure, if Wi-Fi is available (and it’s actually safe), you can use it and save your data for later. But you won’t be stuck in a position where you only have Wi-Fi and you’re scrounging to find your next connection. Your prepaid Canada SIM card will always provide steady data. (After all, there’s no Wi-Fi when you’re driving down the highway and need a digital map for directions.)

3. You don’t have to touch your regular SIM card.

Sometimes travellers decide to remove their regular SIM card and swap it with a temporary prepaid SIM card for the country they’re visiting. But that can be risky! You might lose or damage your regular SIM card, and removing it also means removing access to your regular phone number. Which brings us to our next point …

4. You can use your regular phone number.

It’s true! Even if you’re visiting Canada from halfway around the world, you can still use your regular phone number for calling and texting … while using a prepaid Canada SIM card for all data usage.

We’ll explain exactly how to do this, but basically you’ll tell your phone NOT to use your primary SIM for any data/roaming, but you’ll allow it to still accept calls/texts.

Your home carrier will likely charge you per active calling minute and per text, but many travellers are happy to remain reachable in the event of an emergency and pay these small fees for the occasional call/text on vacation.

5. You’ll never pay surprise fees (or pay for data you don’t want).

Sometimes travellers will pay for a ‘travel plan’ through their regular phone carrier, and that means they will be charged a flat daily rate (often $14-$22 per day) whenever they use data, make/accept a phone call, or send/receive a text while on an international vacation.

These plans are easy because you set them up and then forget about them, but they’re usually very expensive. If your phone uses a tiny bit of data to receive a single email, DING! Your carrier travel plan will activate and you’ll be charged the daily rate, even if you don’t touch your phone for the rest of the day.

With a prepaid Canada SIM card from aloSIM, you’re in control of what you pay. If you only want a little bit of Canada data, you can buy a 1GB data plan (the smallest one available) and that’s it. We will never charge you another penny. If you need more data, you can choose to top up your eSIM with another data package. No surprises!

How to get a prepaid Canada SIM card:

1. Shop our selection of prepaid Canada data packages on or in the free aloSIM app

2. Install your digital Canada SIM card (called an eSIM) on any compatible phone or tablet. (You can do this before you arrive in Canada, so it’s ready when you need it.)

3. Activate your prepaid Canada eSIM data package (follow these instructions right before you leave your home country to avoid roaming charges) to connect to data networks here in Canada

4. Enjoy prepaid Canada data for anything that needs an internet connection, like email, messaging, maps, driving directions, requesting an Uber, or your favourite apps

5. Top up your Canada SIM card if you need more data during your trip. Either way, that Canada SIM card is forever yours, so keep it installed in case you want to use it on another trip to Canada someday.

aloSIM is based here in Canada, so it always makes us happy to see customers purchasing our prepaid Canada SIM cards so they can explore the beautiful place where we live and work.

Questions about using a prepaid Canada SIM card? Please reach out to our team 24/7 using live chat or email ( Oh, and don’t forget to try an ooey-gooey dish of poutine while you’re here.