How to reduce business trip expenses and keep teams connected internationally


By Krista

Travel & Tech Writer

business trip

International travel can be an exciting aspect of corporate life. Getting outside of routine and daily office life might offer a spark of interest to your regular professional routine.

Still, it’s often important to stay connected with folks back home while working abroad.
Providing employees with dedicated data through aloSIM+ can help ease any potential challenges they might face with communication and productivity.  

Here are the 3 WORST roadblocks employees face with staying connected on a business trip, PLUS a great alternative. 

Why not just have everyone use their own phones on a business trip?

• Tracking individual usage is tedious, time consuming, and can distract from the priorities of the business trip 

• Separating business from personal can get messy, particularly when the employee uses a single device for both home and work

• Time spent poring over bills, even for the most conscientious individual, can still create additional stress and not guarantee complete accuracy

• No one likes paperwork, virtual or otherwise, and requiring people to take on the additional labour of submitting for reimbursement adds unnecessarily to their professional workload

Why not just incorporate everyone on a corporate plan?

• Roaming fees are expensive—sometimes upwards of $20 a day

• An expensive, inflexible corporate plan is a waste of company resources. Too often users are charged the same fees regardless of the amount of data that is consumed

Why not just use Airplane Mode?

• Airplane mode limits access to email, Slack, and other needed applications

• Without dedicated data, employees must rely on public WiFi which is often unsecured and does not provide the security necessary for professional exchanges of information

• Unreliable access to a regular number to receive calls and texts on a business trip can be frustrating and a detriment for important communications

The aloSIM+ alternative

• Facilitate business in the global economy with data available in 170+ countries

• Streamline billing to a single account without the need for submitting receipts and extraneous tracking

• With affordable pricing at various levels, companies can select an economical plan according to the length of time of the business trip or amount of data required while abroad

• Clear and simple tracking of data usage allows for transparency for the user or greater company

Setting employees up for success 

• Understand the unique data needs of an employee on a business trip, including their usage patterns and preferred methods for communication

• Establish protocol or guidelines for the use of their data white travelling so that all users are on the same page about the expectations, as well as the benefits 

• Educate employees by sharing the simple installation and setup instructions of their aloSIM eSIM plan

From 1GB for a single week conference to a month long business trip and 20GB, providing employees with dedicated data for their international travel is essential for maintaining productivity as well as fostering a culture that encourages individuals to stay connected with the important people back home, including colleagues, clients, family, and friends.