Cinco de Mayo in Puebla: A true Mexican fiesta


By Krista

Travel & Tech Writer

cinco de mayo

From colourful fiestas to delicious local cuisine, heading to Puebla, Mexico to participate in Cinco de Mayo celebrations offers an experience like no other. 

It might surprise you to learn that Cinco de Mayo is actually much more celebrated in the United States than it is in Mexico. People of Mexican descent might use the occasions to honour their ethnicity, commemorate Mexican history, or gather with loved ones to share in traditional cuisine.

While the USA popularized the holiday, travelling to Puebla, one of Mexico’s 31 states, is an opportunity to observe the remembrance of the1862 Battle of Puebla in which the Mexican Army defeated Napoleon III’s French occupation. As the site of the battle, this state is the one to most largely observe celebrations. Not to mention, the region offers a host of other exciting opportunities to immerse yourself in Mexican culture and experience the beauty of the local region. 

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UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cholula, is home of a large pyramid composed of sun-dried bricks. Known as The Great Pyramid of Cholula or “Tlachihualtepetl, tourists can hike to the top to enjoy the incredible panoramic views of the surrounding area. The Sierra Norte region also offers much for the adventurous traveller, including hiking and biking trails as well as the chance to zip-line through the mountain vistas.  Low-key wanderers have plenty to enjoy in Puebla as well. Visitors can stroll through the beautiful botanical gardens of Atlixco to see the towering humming bird and floral flower frogs. Afterwards, scroll your photos with the help of your Mexico eSIM or unwind in the Chignahuapan hot springs with a soak in the healing waters amongst the serene beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

No Cinco de Mayo celebration would be complete without indulging in Puebla’s world-renowned regional cuisine. Travellers can tantalize their taste buds with traditional dishes like mole poblano, chiles en nogada, and cemitas poblanas, which is a delicious torta (a type of sandwich), with avocado, chicken, Oaxaca cheese, and peppers. 

Visit local markets and street stalls to sample authentic street food favourites like tacos arabes, tlayudas, and tlacoyos, which is a delicious fried thick corn tortilla filled with cheese, beans, and chicharron. Wash it all down with a refreshing agua fresca or a glass of pulque, a traditional Mexican beverage made from fermented agave sap.

Throughout your Puebla travels for Cinco de Mayo, be sure to take time to discover as much of the local culture and traditions that make this region unique. Consider striking up a conversation with locals or making an extra effort to educate yourself about traditional crafts and artisanal practices. (Use your Mexico eSIM to access Google Translate if needed!) Embracing the local culture will enrich your time travelling and leave you with memories to last well beyond Cinco de Mayo celebrations. 

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