Travel alone for these 10 amazing benefits


By Krista

Travel & Tech Writer

travel alone
Solo travel offers an experience unlike any other. It’s not just a trendy form of escaping the everyday mundane but rather it’s an opportunity to embark on transformative experiences, both large and small.
From a beach vacation for quiet relaxation and self reflection to a thrill-seeking adventure through dangerous landscapes or in unknown cultures, you can emerge from your time travelling alone with new perspectives and experiences that will enrich your life and inform the person you become. 

Here are 10 truly amazing benefits you might receive when you travel alone:

1. Self discovery

Get to know yourself on a whole new level by jumping out of the ordinary and into an unfamiliar environment. When you travel alone, you offer yourself the chance for self-reflection. Embrace your introspective side and gain insights into your own personal passions and aspirations. 

2. Personal growth

You might surprise yourself at your ability to navigate a difficult situation—but you’ll never know until you try. Beyond realizing your own potential, solo travel broadens your personal horizons with every different food, foreign language and new experience you embark upon. 

3. Mindfulness and relaxation

Time spent alone can be time spent in quiet reflection. With your own thoughts for company, it’s a great time to practice mindfulness. Observe your surroundings and pay attention to how you feel things in your body as you flow into “vacation mode.”

4. New friendships

Home stays or hostels can be a chance to connect with other travellers to share experiences with another person for a break in your solo time. Encounters with locals might also offer you a special opportunity to develop an unexpected, and lasting, friendship. 

5. Immersing in new cultures

While playing tourist can be a fun way to experience a new destination, those types of activities often do little more than scratch the surface. When you travel alone, you can truly immerse yourself in local customs or 

6. Boosts confidence

Rising to the challenges of travel alone can be an important milestone in your life. Successfully navigating a new place or difficult circumstance will leave you with a feeling of empowerment knowing you possess the strength to tackle whatever might come your way—while you travel alone or once you’re back on home soil.

7. Resilience

Navigating unfamiliar terrain during solo travel sparks your own sense of resourcefulness. Decision making and problem solving on the road will sharpen your ability to adapt and foster a sense of accomplishment and self assuredness. 

8. Escape from routine

Even the most rewarding careers require time away for a reset. This is your chance to shake up your daily routine. Trade oatmeal and coffee for local cuisine. Turn off your notifications and leave your electronics behind to truly give yourself the opportunity for a new day of new experiences. 

9. Physical benefits

To travel alone is to take time to move your body in new and interesting ways. Walk on the beach or through cobblestone towns. Whether you swim, ski, or simply stretch your shoulders, having time away from time can lead to time for movement.

10. Freedom and flexibility

For individuals who spend their days catering to others either professionally or in their personal lives (like caregivers or people-pleasers), the chance to travel alone is truly the chance to make choices for themselves. Be spontaneous or plan your own perfect day. Be self-indulgent. Follow your own instincts. It’s full freedom and full control of all decisions to enjoy this trip on your own terms. 

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