Travelling to India? Try an eSIM data plan


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer


India is an incredible place to explore, with beautiful vistas and fascinating culture. But whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, you’re going to need to stay connected — and India is one of many countries enjoying the convenience of eSIM technology.

Exploring India with an eSIM data plan means you can talk, text, and browse as if you were a local — no steep roaming fees to mess with your trip, and no need to change your regular cell plan.

During your time in India, eSIM technology will make it easy to stay connected while sticking to your travel budget. If you need to make a phone call before ducking into the Taj Mahal, walking along the sparkling Pangong Lake, or boating in Mumbai, it’s no problem at all with an India eSIM set up on your device.

This isn’t how it’s always been, of course.

On previous trips to India, you probably landed in an international airport and immediately headed to a mobile kiosk to buy a physical SIM card to use for your trip, right? That meant not only did you have to conduct the transaction in person (while possibly attempting to speak a new language) but you also had to remove your primary SIM card and keep it safe until you were back at home. 

This also meant you didn’t have access to your usual phone number at all, so anyone who needed to reach you in Indian needed to know your new temporary digits. Not exactly convenient.

Thankfully, eSIM technology makes traveling to India much more convenient.

You can shop for an eSIM before you leave for India, since there’s no need to activate it until you’re ready to use it. (You also don’t need to worry about losing your usual SIM card, since it will remain safely in your phone the whole time.) You’ll also have full access to your regular phone number while you’re traveling, all thanks to dual SIM technology.

Where to purchase an India eSIM

When you’re prepping for your trip to India, you don’t need to stop by your usual mobile carrier to ask them about buying a special travel data package. (Honestly, they may overcharge you because you won’t be shopping around, and that doesn’t sit right with us.)

The beauty of eSIMs is that they’re easy to get, quick to install, and 100% flexible to use. 

Your friends here at aloSIM will help you shop around for an eSIM plan that’s just right for your trip to India. We’ll also walk you through the process of purchasing the eSIM you want, and activating it on your device — all without visiting a mobile kiosk at all, or messing around with the physical SIM card inside your phone.

India is an amazing country to explore — the gleaming Golden Temple, the holy town of Pushkar, the Sundarbans National Park — and it’s even more enjoyable when you’re able to stay connected while you tour around.

Heading to India and want to learn more about eSIM technology? Check out aloSIM for local and regional eSIM plans. 


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