Denver Airport restaurants: Five best places to eat


By Andreea

Travel & Tech Writer

Our travel writers review their favorite Denver Airport restaurants

Welcome to Denver International Airport, your first stop to the Rockies and a surprisingly great place for delicious food, including a variety of Denver airport restaurants!

Whether you’re waiting for a connecting flight or just here for a short while, Denver International Airport (known as DIA or DEN) has loads of eating spots, including some fantastic eateries that are way better than what you usually find at airports.

So, grab your carry-on and join us on a tasty tour of some awesome eats right here in the airport! 

1. Root Down

Try the Colorado Lamb Sliders

Tucked away in Concourse C, Root Down is a standout among Denver Airport restaurants, not only for those looking for healthy options. This eco-friendly spot serves a bunch of dishes made with organic, local ingredients. Don’t miss their Colorado Lamb Sliders, a crowd-pleaser that combines rich flavors in a perfect bite-sized treat. And if you’re looking for a cool drink, give their Pepper Blossom or Coconut Gin Fizz a try – they’re some of the best drinks they’ve got!

2. Mesa Verde

The Sabana de Pollo is a must-try

Over in Concourse A, you’ll find Mesa Verde, another gem among Denver Airport restaurants, where you can enjoy some real Southwestern flavors. You’ve got to try their Sabana de Pollo – it’s a delicious chicken dish that’s super tender and tasty. Picture a grilled chicken breast on top of cilantro lime rice and black beans, all covered with melted asadero cheese and chimichurri sauce, and topped off with fresh salsa. Pair it with their zesty House Margarita for a fantastic Colorado food adventure.

3. Denver Chophouse

The Chophouse Filet Mignon is a winner

If you’re looking for a filling meal before your flight, make your way to the Denver Chophouse in Concourse A. They’re famous for their steaks, and their Chophouse Filet Mignon is just the thing – it’s tender, cooked to perfection, and just what you need for a protein boost. Don’t forget to try their White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes too – they’re creamy, buttery, and full of flavor.

4. Elway’s

Their Short Ribs “Off the Bone” is a standout dish

That’s right – it’s named after John Elway, the famous football star! Located in Concourse B, Elway’s is where fine dining meets the busy airport vibe. The Short Ribs “Off the Bone” (served with mashed potatoes) are so tender they just melt in your mouth, and they’re both hearty and sophisticated.

5. New Belgium Brewing

We love their Angry Goat Burger

Found in Concourse B, near Gate B32, New Belgium Brewing offers a range of craft beers straight from one of Colorado’s most famous breweries. Among their food offerings, the Angry Goat Burger stands out, with its unique mix of flavors, making it a great pick for a satisfying meal. 

What’s your favorite Denver Airport restaurant?

So there you have it, a little foodie guide to Denver Airport restaurants. Whether you’re in a rush or have time to spare, DIA’s culinary offerings have something for everyone. Next time you’re passing through, give one of these spots a try and make your airport experience a bit more delicious. Let us know which one you like the best!

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Happy travels and happy eating!