Myth busting: Do unlimited data plans without throttling exist?


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

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Do unlimited data plans without throttling exist, and is unlimited data as limitless as its name suggests? 

Unlimited data plans do exist, but most come with a big catch: they are likely throttled once you reach a certain amount of data usage. And if your data is throttled (manually slowed down), that begs the question: is it really limitless?

Every provider will have a different approach on this point, including us. You may have even noticed that we don’t currently offer “unlimited” data. There is, however, a way to use our prepaid eSIM data and make it limitless. Let’s take a look at how …

What are unlimited data plans without throttling?

In an ideal world, these plans would offer an unlimited supply of data, at the fastest speeds, forever. But here’s how most plans labeled as unlimited actually work: Your data starts off with a strong, fast connection. You’ll maybe use it to check Google Maps, call an Uber, back up your photos, check your travel bookings or to scroll social media

Things will likely then start to change once you’ve used a good chunk of your data. You’ll still be connected, but your browser and apps will likely take ages to load. 

Wondering why? The answer is likely data throttling, which kicks in once a certain amount of data is used. (This can vary per provider, and is often around 20 GB.) And depending on your style of usage, you might run into this after only a matter of days. 

What is data throttling?

Throttling is the intentional slowing down of your internet speed by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISPs often have a Fair Usage Policy (FUP), which often throttles data after a certain amount is used, or during peak hours to ensure “equal access” among users.

So make sure you understand how throttling will impact your data package, and read its fine print carefully. 

Each user will likely feel different about this, as throttling is not a deal breaker for everyone. For those who require lots of fast data, it’s important to consider. 

So what does aloSIM offer?

Here at aloSIM, we want to help you roam freely as you travel and explore. Having a strong, fast connection is a huge part of that. So here’s the truth: we don’t label our unlimited data plans without throttling as  “unlimited.” 

Here’s the hack on getting limitless data from us: buy a data package, then top up when you need more. For example, 20 GB currently costs $32 USD in Portugal. And because our top-up process takes just a few seconds, the data is effectively limitless. 

Let’s compare this with other providers’ unlimited data packages, which average $85 USD for 60 days, with throttling often kicking in at 20 GB. Two 30-day 20 GB data packages in Portugal add up to $64 USD, with no throttling, saving you money and keeping your connection fast and strong. 

And here’s another feature that makes our data limitless: we support device hotspotting / tethering, and do not limit your sharing of your data to other devices. 

There are some other eSIM data providers that support this too, but many limit hotspotting to a specific amount of data (often 10 GB). We don’t place any limits on this, and feature this as yet another benefit of our non-traditional unlimited data plans without throttling.

How to get unlimited data plans without throttling

So how do you top up your data when you need more? Great question, and here’s the answer: log in to aloSIM, tap your eSIM, then top up with a new data package. 

It’s important to never delete your eSIM, as you’ll be topping up the same eSIM with more data. No re-installation required: once you top up and activate, your data is flowing in seconds. 

So here’s our bottom line: if you buy 20 GB of data, we want you to enjoy 20 GB of data to its fullest. And if you want limitless data, we want it to be easy and fast for you to get more. Topping up is quick and painless, which means your data will once again be flowing at top speeds. So enjoy your travels, and keep this info in mind if you ever need limitless data.