Sydney Opera House 50th Birthday Festival: Travel Tips


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

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Are you heading to Sydney to celebrate the Sydney Opera House’s 50th Birthday Festival, and maybe wondering what the best eSIM for Australia might be?

If you’ll be taking in the birthday celebrations, you are certainly not alone. The year-long celebration includes 200 events, culminates in October, and is expected to reach 2 million people worldwide by year’s end. 

The storied opera house has been open since 1973, and was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon. Fifty years on, it remains a symbol of Sydney, Australia and even the continent of Oceania.

Celebrating a milestone like this is even better when you stay connected (on a budget, too). The best way to do that is with prepaid eSIM data, which gives you local Australia data to use during your trip.

Here’s a look at what prepaid eSIM data is, the best eSIM for Australia, and how it’ll power your trip down under.

How to stay connected with the best eSIM for Australia

In 2023, we aim to travel and NOT turn on airplane mode. There are better options available, and ways to avoid roaming fees. Our favourite of those options is eSIM data (from aloSIM, of course). 

So what is an eSIM, and how does prepaid data work? An eSIM is a digital SIM card that you download electronically. Because it’s digital, it means you no longer need to fiddle with swapping physical SIMs

For those with eSIM-compatible devices, prepaid Australia data starts at just $4.50 USD. This makes eSIM technology a travel game changer. And there’s more good news: prepaid data has no hidden fees or contracts. It’s always on your terms (and fits your budget). When you need more, simply top up and go!

And if you’re country hopping from Australia to New Zealand, consider a regional eSIM for Australia and New Zealand. It’s data will cover you in both countries.

50th Birthday Festival: what to know

Whether you’re a fan of contemporary or classic art styles, the 50th Birthday Festival truly has something for everyone. Here’s a peak at what the festival has in store.

A diverse lineup of music, theatre, dance, art and speaker sessions. For full lineup details, head to the 50th Birthday Festival program

Free events throughout the festival, from the Open House Weekend, a catwalk parade open to all Sydney residents, to a sculpture showcase by Quandamooka artist Megan Cope. For more info on free events, head to the festival program

Pro tip: there are many 50th birthday events to visit at other venues. These include the free The People’s House: Sydney Opera House at 50 exhibit at the Museum of Sydney. 

Family-friendly events, including the Paper Planet with Polyglot Theatre event. Each festival event features a menu section titled Event Information, which includes info on what ages are suitable for each show.

VIP experiences, like the Hidden House Tour. But hurry: the tour is only taking 50 visitors, and is currently accepting expressions of interest. The tour will take groups of 10 to hidden areas within the venue that the public has never seen. Learn more at

Accessible venue spaces and performances, with wheelchair access, audio and visual accessibility features available. Each event within the festival’s program features an “Accessibility” section, which outlines its specific accessibility features.  For those who cannot attend in person, the festival also features two free livestreams: 50/50 and Music of the Sails.

What to pack for your Australia trip

With temperatures in October averaging 22 C, you may not worry much about sweating. Having said that, you’ll still want to protect against that famous Australia sun. 

Pack high-SPF sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses and, for next-level explorers, consider a water backpack (or day bag as an alternative) to drink water on the go. 

Packing suggestions:

High SPF sunscreen 
Swimsuit (and optional beach bag)
Comfortable shoes 
Light fabrics
Water backpack and/or day bag (to carry all of the above)

How to use your data in Sydney (and beyond)

As you enjoy the festivities, you’ll want to enjoy things to their fullest. That’s where the best eSIM for Australia will come into play.

With prepaid eSIM data, you’ll be able to use Google Maps to explore, and Uber (or any ride sharing app) for transportation, all without losing your connection (or your ride). 

Your eSIM data can also power other useful apps (or even safe travel apps) for your Australia trip. These include apps like YHA Australia for browsing budget accommodations, Beachsafe for monitoring Australian beach conditions and safety features, and Fuel Map Australia for a network of gas stations across Australia (handy for any road trips you have planned).

Sydney accommodations and travel accomodations

If you’re flying into Sydney, you’ll arrive at Sydney Airport (this airport is also known as Kingsford Smith Airport, and is Australia’s largest and busiest airport). You’ll need to declare if you’re entering Australia with more than $10,000 cash in either Australian or foreign currency ($6,698 USD), and you’ll need to ensure you are not bringing in any prohibited items.


Once you’ve collected your luggage, Sydney Airport has all of the usual options to take you to your accommodations — car rentals, limos, buses, taxis, and public transit to bring you to your booked accommodations. And if you’re using airport Wi-Fi, ensure you use it safely.

Keeping in touch with the best eSIM for Australia

Attending the 50th Birthday Festival will be a thrill you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so make sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest by staying connected on a budget with the best eSIM for Australia.


Grab an Australia eSIM for as little as $4.50 U.S. for a week’s worth of Australia data. If you need more, you can top up your eSIM anytime. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your phone has the data it needs to stay online — even when Wi-Fi is not available.


Have a wonderful time at the Sydney Opera House 50th Birthday Festival, and please reach out if we can help answer any questions about prepaid Australia data!