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Best whale watching tours in Vancouver

Vancouver’s unique coastal position makes it a prime location for whale watching, offering visitors the chance to see majestic marine life in their natural habitat. Here are the best whale watching tours in Vancouver that promise an unforgettable ocean adventure:


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Prince of Whales Whale Watching

Offers a wide range of tours, from zodiac adventures for thrill-seekers to more relaxed luxury yacht tours.

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Vancouver Whale Watch

Known for their knowledgeable guides and high whale sighting rates. They provide educational insights that enrich the experience.

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Seabreeze Adventures

Features smaller group tours, allowing for a more personal and close-up experience with whales.

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Wild Whales Vancouver

Located near Granville Island, they provide an excellent starting point for exploring local wildlife in their natural habitat.

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What types of whales might you see?

in the waters around Vancouver, commonly sighted whales include orcas, humpbacks, grays, and sometimes even minke whales.

Each species offers a unique sighting experience, from the orca’s striking black and white coloring to the humpback’s spectacular breaches.

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Can you hear the whales during a tour?

On some whale watching tours, especially those that use hydrophones (underwater microphones), you can listen to whale sounds, including the haunting songs of humpbacks. These sounds are not just beautiful, they are also communication tools for whales.

Hearing them adds an educational and incredibly moving layer to the whale watching experience, allowing spectators to listen in on the social and sometimes complex vocalizations of these creatures.

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How close can you get to the whales?

In the waters around Vancouver, whale watching tours follow specific guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of the whales. For Transient Killer Whales, boats must maintain a distance of 200 meters, while for Humpback Whales, the required distance is 100 meters.

These regulations are enforced to minimize disturbances to the whales and support conservation efforts by adhering to ethical whale watching practices​.

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