Cannes Film Festival Guide


By Krista

Travel & Tech Writer

Cannes film festival guide
Founded in 1946, the Cannes International Film Festival is an annual event to showcase a selection of films to juries who designate a number of awards. In addition to the critical recognition of film, the festival is an occasion for celebrities to walk the red carpet, for film industry professionals to network, and for the general public to catch a glimpse of the glamour of cinema.  

Hoping to attend the festival itself? While the Cannes Film Festival is invitation only, there are six ways to snag an official invite with accreditation

6 Types of Accreditation
  1.  Film Professionals – This category is for those whom you would expect to be in attendance at Cannes, including actors, authors, producers, Public Relations, and any other employee connected with film production or promotion.
  2. Cinephiles – A great opportunity for people with a passion for film, this group includes invitations to film students, cinema clubs, and film or cultural associations.
  3. Three Days in Cannes – The best chance for young individuals to attend, Three Days in Cannes is precisely that: three days to attend the festival for people aged 18-28 who have a passion for film. 
  4. Marché du Film – Beyond the film viewings, this is a marketplace for all industry professionals and vendors for showcasing technologies, documentaries, animation, production, and networking. Accreditation goes to people in such roles as producers, directors, sales agents, and festival programmers, to name a few. 
  5. Marché du Film Online – Similar to the Marché du Film proper, the online version is also open for professionals to apply for accreditation to participate. 
  6. PressPress are able to submit an accreditation request to be one of the 4,000 journalists in attendance. Applications include such items as information about the main media outlet, circulation, readership, and copies of recent publications. Similarly, audiovisual press and photographers can apply for accreditation with proof of their publication’s presence on-site at the festival. 

Not eligible for any of these categories to get credentials? You can still take a peek at the magic behind the curtain with a visit to Cannes as a tourist with these 3 bonus handy hints. Be sure to snag an aloSIM France eSIM to capture all the magical moments without accruing any roaming charges or data overages. 

  1. Palais des Festivals: Even without tickets to the screenings, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the stars as they walk the red carpet. Crowds will gather around the Palais des Festivals, the official Cannes Film Festival location, to witness the excitement of celebrities arriving and soak up the glamour of the occasion.
  2. Cinéma de la Plage: One of the highlights of vacationing in Cannes during the time of the Film Festival is being able to attend the outdoor screening series, the Cinéma de la Plage. Situated on the beach near the Palais des Festivals, screenings are open to the public and offer a special opportunity to watch films under the stars. Très romantique!
  3. Guided Tours: Several tour companies offer guided tours to provide tourists with insider access and behind-the-scenes insights into the festival and the surrounding location. Consider booking a tour using your France eSIM to learn more about the history of the festival and explore the iconic landmarks of Cannes.

Keep an eye on social media accounts, official festival sources, or local news for updates and announcements about special events, screenings, and any other opportunities that might get you the chance to participate in the Cannes Film Festival.