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An eSIM is a downloadable SIM card. With the aloSIM app, you can purchase prepaid data in 175+ countries and never pay roaming charges.

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aloSIM is a free eSIM app created by AffinityClick — the Canadian software development team that also created the top-grossing Hushed app. When you download aloSIM, you can shop prepaid data packages for 175+ countries and install a SIM card (eSIM) on your phone in seconds, giving you low-cost travel data on vacation.

Most phones and tablets already support eSIM. We have a quick device checker to help you confirm you have an eSIM-compatible device. If you accidentally purchase an eSIM data package without having a compatible device, our 24/7 support team can help you get a full refund.

Carrier travel data plans can range from $10-$22 per day, but using an eSIM often costs less than 65 cents a day (or $4.50 for a week). We’re proud to offer low-cost travel data (that includes a free phone number) so you never have to worry about coming home from vacation to a gigantic phone bill.

aloSIM has prepaid data packages for 175+ countries and regions. Country packages are great for visiting a single destination, and regional packages made it easy to move between locations while using a single eSIM that works in multiple countries.

An eSIM is a downloadable SIM card, and the eSIM itself is actually free — it comes included with the purchase of any eSIM data package. Here at aloSIM, our prepaid data packages start at $4.50 USD per week, which is about 65 cents a day.

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